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Do you have dull skin, acne scars, rough texture, or visible pores? This kit is for you! The high exfoliating ingredients in these products work together to minimize pores, smooth texture and aid in antioxidant activity.


AM: Cleanse with Pure Foamy Cleanser. Apply a drop of Pure HA to damp skin. Protect skin with PureScreen.

PM: Cleanse with Pure Foamy Cleanser. Apply a small amount of Pure Eye TX to the orbital bone and just under your brow. Every other night, alternate using Luminosity Creme (Tue, Thur, Sun) and Pure RET 50 (MWF)

Once a week, instead of using the Luminosity Creme or Pure RET 50, apply a Text Me Pad.


Our skincare products are designed to provide you with a youthful complexion. Our curated, medical grade skincare line was developed to correct and heal your skin from the inside out. They are great alone or pair perfectly with one of the treatments you receive at our practice!

This kit contains the following products:
1 × Pure Foamy Cleanser, 150 mL - One Time Purchase
pure ha
1 × Pure HA, 30 mL - One Time Purchase
1 × Pure Screen, 50 g - One Time Purchase
1 × Pure Ret 50, 30 g - One Time Purchase
1 × Luminosity Creme, 30 g - One Time Purchase
text me
1 × Text Me, 60 Pads - One Time Purchase